My two-faced BFF



Because this week is so pretty, I encourage you to all play with you bestie/BFF/bestfriend!!! Have I ever told you about my best friend? Her name is endoplasmic reticulum and she looks like a bunch of flattish sacs that are very compex because she is a string of membranous tubules. It is really fun because we are neighbors, so whenever I need some proteins or lipids, the components she makes, she will bring them right over!  She consists of fifty percent of an animal cell’s membrane surface and you can find her in a eukaryotic cell working on her extracurriculars, protein/lipid synthesis, as well as compleating the process of translation, assembling proteins. Endoplasmic-ReticulumAlthough she is SUPER great and REALLY hard working, she has her fair share of flaws! Number One. She is closer and more connected to the envelope of the nucleus than to me! Here I am thinking she and I are so close, but they are CONNECTED! UGH… and also she is soo moody. That brings us to Number two. She is totally two faced! I mean literally, she tells me that both faces are just a co-existing part of who she is, like sub compartments of herself that are made up of the same membranes just different functions, but idk anymore. Here is an example. When cells are in need of larger amounts of protein you can find more of her rough personality (Rough ER), but then if a cell needs more lipids and steroid hormones, then you can find more of a soft personality (Smooth ER). So her smooth personality is the “storage” personality and is always producing lipids and steroids. (Fun Fact: The ER is smooth because there are no Ribosomes and it can be covered in “slippery fats.” It can also detoxify chemicals and adapt them to be water-soluble and less toxic.) Oh! and this personality also has a another variation called the sarcoplasmic reticulum that is similar, but works to store ions. OK, so her other face is the Rough face. ( Rough ER/ RER) Annoying wannabe ribosomes always follow this part of her around, attaching to her membrane, and synthesis as well as package proteins, constantly compleating protein synthesis.

xoxo golgi bdy.

My two-faced BFF

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